Grundfos® Customized Seals Type 511-22  - Advantage Seal

Type 511-22

Type 511-22

Type 511-22

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Customized Seals Grundfos® Replacement Seals

Type 511-22 Cartridge Seal To Replace Grundfos® “H-”Code Seals Installed In CR,CRI,CRIE Series Vertical Multi - Stage Pumps

Type 511-22 Grundfos® Pump O.E.M Mechanical Seals Balanced, cartridge O-ring seal unit with rigid torque transmission system This seal type is assembled in a cartridge unit which makes replacement safe and easy.Similar to the type D seal, the balancing makes this O-ring seal type suitable for high-pressure applications.

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Rotary Ring:SSIC/TC

Stationary Ring:Carbon/SSIC/TC

Secondary Seal:NBR/EPDM/Viton

Spring and Metal Part:Stainless Steel


1.The whole welding structure, users in the use of more convenient disassembly;

2.Longer working stroke design, thicker insert, can better adapt to axial installation error;

3.The balance coefficient is lower than peers, can withstand higher working pressure;


Pressure:p1 = 25 bar (362 PSI)

Temperature:t = -30 °C(-22°F) …220 °C (+428°F)

Sliding velocity:vg = 20 m/s (66 ft/s)

  • Dependent on medium, size and material

Application Medium

Water, oil, amorphous organic solvents such as acid, alkali and salt, etc.


It is suitable to Grundfos® Pumps:



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