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Flygt® mechanical seals are usually used in the Swedish ITT® Flygt® mixer and submersible sewage pumps. They are one of the essential Flygt® pump parts for mechanical seal Flygt® pump . The structure is divided into old structure, new structure(Griploc seal) and cartridge mechanical seal (plug in types).

Xylem® ITT® Flygt® is a world-renowned submersible pump brand. The products are widely used in world’s major sewage treatment industry. Xylem® designed and manufactured its own original mechanical seals for Flygt® pumps. However, original Flygt® pump seals are extremely expensive, near to buy a brand low-power pump. To meet demands of world’s end users, All of our replacement seals in strict accordance with the original size of the mold parts, using the material in accordance with original materials. All of our Flygt® replacement mechanical seals have more than a year long service life. Now the seals are widely used in many sewage treatment industries, completely replace original products.

Advantage seal offers a wide range of components and complete seal sets to directly replace the O.E.M.seal components, without any modification to the seal housings or the pump seal chamber. Advantage seal supply from stock individual seal components and complete seal sets, if you require anything not illustrated on the following pages, please contact us.