Double Monolithic Stationary Flow / Convection Type AA09 - Advantage Seal

Type AA09

Type AA09
Type AA09

Type AA09

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The Type AA09 range of double cartridge mechanical seals has been designed as a high performance sealing solution for arduous applications.

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Static compensation sealing end face technology

Double-balanced integral ring design

Integrated two-way diversion design, unique pump efficiency ring design, and remarkable isolation liquid circulation effect.

Higher temperature limit, the maximum temperature resistance is 220 degrees Celsius, and there is no annular surface shedding and end face displacement of inlay process.

Maximum pressure limit: up to 25bar.

special materials such as duplex steel /904L/ Hastelloy/titanium/zirconium can be used for the liquid receiving parts.

The flushing scheme API 52/53A/53B/54 can be used.


Pressure:p1 =Vacuum (-28”Hg) to 25 Bar g (363 psig) - OD pr essurized only

Temperature:t =-40ºC to +260ºC [-40ºF to +500ºF]

Sliding velocity:vg = Upto 25 m/s (5000 ft/min)

  • Dependent on medium, size and material

Application Medium

All kinds of acidic, alkaline, low-grade slurry, water-oil and other media


Process pumps

Other rotating equipment

Mixer and agitators

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