Dual Cartridge O-Ring Seal Type AA04 - Advantage Seal

Type AA04

Type AA04
Type AA04

Type AA04

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Advantage Seal Type AA04 Replaces:


Since the AA Series components are interchangeable, you can apply one seal family throughout your plant. This gives you the flexibility to cover more applications with less inventory, which means your maintenance is simplified, downtime is reduced, plant operating efficiency is increased and costs are lowered.

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Modular design- standardization of general parts, easy to reduce maintenance costs.

Small spring design- the spring does not contact with the medium, and the mechanical seal has a long service life.

The driving screw is directly positioned on the shaft or sleeve to minimize the driving loss.

Four bolts design, which can be applied to ISO 2858 standard pump type

The flushing scheme API 52/53/54 can be used.


Pressure:p1 = Vacuum (-28”Hg) to 20 Bar g (290 psig) - OD pr essurized only

Temperature:t = -40ºC to +180ºC [-40ºF to +356ºF]

Sliding velocity:vg = Upto 20 m/s (4000 ft/min)

  • Dependent on medium, size and material

Application Medium

All kinds of acidic, alkaline, low-grade slurry, water-oil and other media


Process pumps

Other rotating equipment

Mixer and agitators

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